The police worldwide spend too much time to unravel the secrets of money laundering via the internet. Eventually, they reveal thousands of money laundering schemes at Casinos all over the world. It was the case with Peter Tan Hoangh. He presents one of the cleverest frauds on the internet. He spent $1 billion at Crown Melbourne. He used online gambling to perform money laundering, and he is an example of the perfect online crime.

Why are online casinos a perfect crime?

The thing is that online gambling is a tightly regulated business and this is especially the case with the countries where the organized crime is one of the biggest problems. It is not the case with Australia. Thanks to the Act from 2001 it is very hard to use online pokies for any crime. But in other parts of the world casino laws can be very confusing. That’s why a lot of people are using it all over the world. Maybe it is probably the easiest way to perform this.  If you wonder how they manage to perform this sort of action, we will explain it easily. The main reason why this is possible is the fact that gambling is allowed outside of every country, it is obvious that government didn’t realize how the structure of preambles could be abused. Online casinos are a paradise for shady actions.

Countries known as tax havens

Thanks to the online gambling and the law that allows you to gamble outside of your country, where the tax is extremely low, allow us to perform money laundering. Malta, Panama, Curacao and others are just some of them. No wonder why Malta is on the one hand so small country but still so rich on the other hand. Bigger countries such as America have stronger and better enforced regulations to disallow offshore casinos. They have done everything to prevent any possible legal abuse of offshore gambling.

Virtual crimes

Internet crimes are the easiest to perform, especially in less developed countries. The internet, social networks, and online gambling developed too fast, and it was hard to control it. The thing is that this modern media is still developing and the cyber police are not prepared well enough to control these phenomena. Online gambling sites are gold mines for people who are familiar with regulations. Other people have to be careful to avoid becoming a victim. You especially need to be careful when you sign up to any online casino. You certainly don’t want to invest money that will be used to harm you later.

Like any other thing, gambling can be a solution for all of your problems; on the other hand, it can put you in a lot of trouble. That’s why you need to know how to play the game. Furthermore, you also need to be well familiar with laws and regulations which govern the online casinos and online gambling activities, for your good.