When it comes to gambling, we all know it is forbidden in most of the countries. You also have the exceptions such as Las Vegas and others. The same is with online pokies. If you want to play it, you need to be familiar where it is allowed to play it and where not. Whoever likes playing online pokies wants to know what is allowed to do and what is prohibited. Take Australia for example. After 2001 there was a lot of confusion regarding the Interactive Gambling Act. If you understand this act, then you will learn the rules that you have to respect. After you get familiar with this act, you will remove your doubts and feel free to play with more confidence.

Why is this year so important for Australia?

It is very simple to explain its importance because before that year Australia was crowded with gambling websites. This period was a boom for online casino businesses. Anyone could own a gambling site.

By implementing this Act online, gambling became illegal. Therefore, a lot of Australian players are seeking for websites from other countries that will be able to accept them.

The content of the Interactive Gambling Act

If you think that this act prohibits the people to spend their money, you are so wrong. Thousands of people are spending their money on online pokies all across the country, so the question is what is prohibited then? They are allowed to play pokies online, because no serious regulations prevent a citizen from wagering at these sites. As long it is considered it as s sport or a lottery it can be waged.

Online pokies in Europe

When it comes to online pokies in Europe, we can say that there is some argue among individual countries. However, we must admit that the most of the online gambling has its roots in Europe. In the past only royalty was able to gamble, no ordinary man was allowed to throw the dice. Thanks to internet things have changed a lot, which reflected on entire humanity and not just Europe.

Gambling legislation in Europe

According to the European Union regulative, each country legislates its gambling industry. Therefore, gambling is not allowed in every country. If you intend to play pokies, you better try to get familiar with the law and regulations in your country. For example, according to the Free Trade Agreement, any EU member country may prohibit any particular practice. However, they are not allowed to ban foreign companies from entering their market, and that is why online gambling is completely legal in the EU.

Therefore, if you want to play online pokies do your homework and learn all about regulative and legislative in your country. You would be surprised how easy is to play when you know the rules of the game. You will feel more confident, and you will be able to earn money faster than you think you were able to.